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St Cecilia's

Catholic Primary School

Port Hedland


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Welcome to Year 6

Year Six Religion Program 2024

The purpose of religious Education is to provide an understanding of the Christian message as it is handed on by the Catholic Church.  Your child will be guided to study, research and learn what the Catholic Church teaches

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PG Movie Permission

Some of the movies we will watch over this year, either at school or on excursions, may be PG ( eg. school camp).

I wish to obtain your permission to allow your child to watch such programs in a supervised context.

Rather than sending a note home each time one of these movies is viewed, this form will cover all movies for throughout the year.

Please fill in the form below allowing your child to participate in the viewing of PG films shown as part of the academic calendar throughout the year.

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Year 6 Parent Information Booklet

Hello and welcome to all our families in Year Six. I look forward to a very exciting and busy year with your children. Please take the time to read through this information booklet carefully, as it contains important information.

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