St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School

Port Hedland

35 Sutherland Street 
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St Cecilia's

Catholic Primary School

Port Hedland


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Swimming Practice & Carnival

Leading up to the Faction Swimming Carnival, our students will participate in two swimming practices during
their sport lesson time. They will travel on the bus to either Gratwick Aquatic Centre (PP, Yr1, Yr2, Yr5 & Y6)
or to South Hedland Aquatic Centre (Years 3 & 4, as Gratwick is closed on Tuesdays).

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2023 Non-Government Schools Census Collection Notice

The Australian Government Department of Education (the department) would like to advise all staff, parents and guardians that it will collect certain information about your school, its staff and student body as part of the 2023 Non-Government School Census collection (the Census).

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Safe Bus Travel - Code of Conduct

I am sure that we all agree appropriate conduct is essential on buses. Misbehaviour is a distraction to the driver that endangers the safety of passengers and other road users. Children need to know the “Code of Conduct” for bus travel and accept the consequences of any breaches to these rules. (A copy of the code is attached)

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Term 1 In-Term Swimming Program

This term, our school will be taking part in the Educaion Department in-term Swimming Program at the South Hedland Aquatic Centre during weeks 3 and 4 (Mon Feb 12 – Fri Feb 23).

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Keeping Safe

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) schools are Christ-centered and child-focused learning communities that support each child to develop to their full God-given potential. Key to this is ensuring the learning environment is engaging, supportive and safe. All members of our school share the responsibility for creating and maintaining this healthy culture. By working together, we can ensure all children flourish in a safe and healthy environment.

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Outside Hours School Care

Child Campus Hedland Out of School Hours Childcare

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Lending a Helping Hand

As a Catholic Pastoral Community, we commit to forming and maintaining Christ-like relationships through the steps we take to provide for the pastoral needs of our students, staff and families. One way we can assist the families in our school is through the provision of meals.

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St Cecilia's Open Night

Thursday 8th February, 2024
Classrooms Open 4-5pm
Free BBQ 5-6pm

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Commonwealth School Data Collection Notice

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the department) would like to advise all parents and guardians that it collects certain information about your child’s school, its staff, and student body.

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Collection Notice for Parents/Guardians

2023 Student Residential Address and Other Information

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