St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School

Port Hedland

35 Sutherland Street 
Tel:  (08) 9174 7000 


St Cecilia's

Catholic Primary School

Port Hedland


Welcome to Year 4


Fraction Worksheets



Measurement Worksheets


Year 4 Parent Information Booklet

Welcome parents and friends of the Year Four class 2020. Thank you for taking the time to read over this booklet outlining aspects of the program and practices that will be running in the Year Four classroom.

Viewing of PG Films

Some of the films we will watch over this year may be PG, either at school or on excursions. We wish to obtain your permission to allow your child to watch such programs in a supervised context. Please fill in the form below allowing your child to participate in the viewing of PG films shown as part of the academic calendar throughout the year.

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