St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School

Port Hedland

35 Sutherland Street 
Tel:  (08) 9174 7000 


St Cecilia's

Catholic Primary School

Port Hedland



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Canteen, Uniforms, Incursions and Excursions

We are using the “Flexischool” system for our canteen orders, uniforms orders, and permission
and payment for all of our incursion/excursions.

Mindfulness and Meditation Excursion

Students in Years One to Six will be taking part in an excursion to Cemetery Beach Park &
Beach in Port Hedland during the Sport & Health Lessons in week ten. The excursion is part of
our ‘Mindfulness and Mediation’ unit we have been focusing on this term in our Health lessons.
It is also a great way to conclude the topic by visiting a peaceful place such as the beach to do
our final mediation.

School Survey letter

As part of our planning process for commitment to ensure continual improvement in the quality of education we provide to our students, I wish to provide opportunities for parents, staff and students (in Years 5 & 6) to provide  s with research informed feedback relating to their views of the School across a wide range of areas. 

Holistic Teaching and Planning Framework

This sheet will become a valuable way for child’s teacher to get to know him or her, and your family.  The Framework considers the holistic view of the world and allows the teachers to tap into each students view and knowledge of the world.

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